Downloading Google Drive

We would like to remind everyone that ANY documents you have on your school google drive account can be accessed by administration.

It has come to the attention of the ETA that the administration is creating email accounts for new employees and granting access to the google drive files of former employees including worksheets, lesson plans, and unit materials. 

If there is anything on your Google Account that is private and you do not want to grant unlimited access to, please make sure you download those materials from your account and delete them from your drive. This includes your evaluations.


1. Log into your google account. Open Drive.

2. Highlight everything you want to download. Use CTRL+Shift (for PC) or COMMAND+Shift (for Mac) to highlight multiple folders and files. Use CTRL+A or COMMAND+A to "select all files"

3. In the top right hand corner, you will see three dots. Click those dots and select download. Image here.

4. Google will "zip" the files together and start a download. Depending on the size what you are downloading, it could take awhile.

5. Once it's downloaded, open the folder (usually the "downloads" folder if you didn't specify a different one) and unzip the files. 

6. When you have confirmed you have your personal materials, delete whatever you do not want shared from your google drive account.