Weingarten Rights.

What are Weingarten rights?

Weingarten rights guarantee you the right to union representation in any investigatory or disciplinary meeting. These rights are based in public and private collective bargaining law. 

When should I use my Weingarten rights?

Any time you are in a meeting with an administrator and you feel like it has turned disciplinary, you should immediately ask for union representation. There is no specific phrase you has to say, just ask for a representative. Do not sign or agree to anything that may have disciplinary repercussions without consulting a union representative.

What happens when I ask for a union Rep?

As soon as you ask for a union representative, the administration is obligated to allow representation. There are building representatives in every building and one that is available will come to the meeting. If no representative is available and their classroom cannot be covered, the meeting will be rescheduled for a time in which you can have a representative present. Your representative will meet with you privately to discuss the situation and return to the meeting with you to bear witness and represent you. Your Rep may want to confer with the Executive Board before proceeding.

Should I be worried to use my weingarten rights?

No! You should never be worried to invoke your rights. You have a legal right to representation. It is unlawful for the administration to hold invoking your Weingarten Rights against you.

What if I'm uncomfortable and I don't know if it is a weingarten situation?

If you are uncomfortable and you feel as though you are bring targeted, ask for union representation. Your building reps are there to support you and being a second set of ears. You cannot be disciplined for asking for representation.


For more information, check out the MTA's Weingarten Rights page.