Union membership brings many advantages!

ETA Member benefits

The ETA has lots of discounts for different shows going on the the area. Here is a list of upcoming shows: Paw Patrol (March 11), Sesame Street Live (April 21), On Your Feet (April 26), Sound of Music (May 6) and Dirty Dancing (June 14). For more information go to the ETA Events page.

MTA Member Benefits

There are literally thousands of Massachusetts Teachers Association (MTA) member discounts and benefits. For a complete list, go to

The MTA Discount Directory is an excellent resource when looking for specific types of discounts including: attractions, bookstores, car care, entertainment, fitness, learning, museums, recreating, retail, sports, and so much more. 

In addition, the MTA offers hundreds of professional development opportunities!

NEA Member Benefits

As a member of the MTA, you are also a member of the National Education Association (NEA) which also provides member benefits.  For more information on what they offer, go to 

NEA benefits range from finances and insurance to discounts, travel and professional resources. 

Some Everyday Discounts include: AT&T, DirectTV, 1800Flowers, and Costco!