Negotiations 2018

Negotiations 2018

**Come to the School Committee meeting to address your concerns - May 21st @ 5:45 in the Everett High School Library**

The proposals presented by administration on Thursday, May 17 for the new contract are the most egregious proposals submitted in the last 45 years. They include a 0% increase in pay and come with 103 layoffs, 67 of which are teaching positions. The links below include the administration proposals, a comparison of those proposals with the current contract, and the current 2015-2018 contract.

"These are the worst proposals I have ever seen in my 28 years as president and 13 years since. They are a total slap in the face to all educators."

- Richard Liston, Immediate Past President

Administration Proposals

Side-by-Side Comparison with Current Contract

Current Contract