School Funding Failed to Pass

Senator Sal DiDomenico has been leading the charge in the Senate with a new funding formula that would not only address rising health benefits for teachers and special education services for students, but also included funding given a districts English Language Learner (ELL) population and districts with high percentages of low income students. This passed in the Senate.

The House of Representatives saw a similar funding bill that acknowledged the health benefits and special education, but did not include funding for ELL and low income. 

The motion moved to committee where members of both the House and Senate attempted to work together to reconcile the differences in their bills. Unfortunately, they failed to find a compromise and no changes will be made to the school funding formula as of right now.

This is a devastating blow to the districts with high ELL and low income populations including, but not limited to, Everett, Brockton, and Worcester. 

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