Marcony Almeida Barros Champions $40,000 Grant for Everett Schools

In June of 2018, Attorney General Maura Healey, along with Everett School Committee Member, Marcony Almeida Barros met with students and educators at the Whittier School for a roundtable discussion centered on the opioid crisis.

The Attorney Generals’s office has partnered with the GE Foundation as part of a program called Project Here. Project Here is a public-private collaboration that seeks to make available substance abuse education at the middle school by providing schools with research-based curriculum that works with students on decision-making skills and provides them with information regarding substance abuse.

Almeida Barros spearheaded the grant process that brought $40,000 to the Everett Public Schools to make Project Here materials available at every middle school to enhance current programs that teach students about the risks and consequences of drug use and giving them the tools they need to make healthy decisions.

“It’s extremely important for Everett because the opioid epidemic is affecting everyone,” said Almeida Barros. “It is really important that we start the prevention work with our youth, even before they get to high school.”

“The ETA would like to personally thank School Committee Member Almeida Barros for his dedication and commitment to the students of Everett,” said ETA President Kim Auger. “This is an amazing opportunity for our students.”

For more information about Project Here, click here.