When should I ask for a union rep?

There are union representatives in every building through the school district. They are there not only to answer questions and relay union information, they are their to represent you. Any time you are in a meeting with an administrator and you believe you are being disciplined for something, you should stop the meeting and ask for your union representative. Your rep will explain to you your rights under the contract and bare witness to meeting. For more information on your rights go to: Weingarten Rights

I don't have professional status. Does the contract protect me?

The contract covers all employees during the school year. You have the same rights as all ETA members. There are building representatives in every building. You should not be worried about reaching out to a building representative at any time if you believe your rights are being violated. This is a right provided to you called your Weingarten Rights. For more information on your rights go to: Weingarten Rights

For your first three years, you are a "non-professional" teacher and your contract ends on June 30. On the first day of your fourth year, you have professional status.


What are negotiations?

Every three years, the ETA and the Administrative team meet to negotiate a new contract. The negotiating team is a group of teachers that volunteer to work with the administration to make any necessary changes to the contract. This team works in conjunction with the ETA Executive Board. This year is a negotiation year. For more information, contact your building rep.  

What's RETELL?

Rethinking Equality and Teaching for English Language Learners (RETELL) is an initiative by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education that requires core academic teachers of ELL students and administration to obtain a Sheltered English Immersion Endorsement by either passing the SEI MTEL or completing the Endorsement course. It is required in Everett for all core teachers to have their SEI Endorsement for employment. For more information go to: http://www.doe.mass.edu/retell/

How does maternity leave work?

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