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Grievance Procedure - Article 2

For more information on grievances, go to the Grievance Process page.


The purpose of a grievance is to secure, at the lowest possible administrative level, an equitable solution to problems that affect the working conditions of the teachers. (2-02)

General Procedure

A grievance starts at Level 1, in most cases. The grievance is submitted to the supervisor or the principal. If it is unresolved at level one, it moves to Level 2 where it is submitted to the superintendent. An appeal of the decision at Level 2 escalates to a Level 3 where it is taken before the School Committee. Should the process need further attention, it becomes a Level 4 and is presented for arbitration. (2-03)

Salaries - Article 3 

General Information on Salaries

- Teachers must work 165 days to be eligible for a salary increment and longevity movement. (3-01)

- Salaries are computed on the basis of 189 workdays (3-03)

- The first payment is the second week following the first day teachers report to work (3-03)

- Teachers are paid in 26 equal paychecks (3-03)

- Unassigned non-certified teachers will be paid $35,000 per year. (23-03)

- Home Instruction will pay $30.00/hr as of 9/1/1999

- Evening School will pay $30.00/hr as of 9/1/1993

- Stipends for different positions and extracurriular activities can be found in the ETA Contract 2017-2018 Appendix A

2017-2018 Salary Schedule - Appendix A


Reduction in force - Article 4

General information 

- Unpaid leave does not count towards service, but does not count as a break in service (4-01.a)

Procedure of layoffs

- No PTS teacher shall be laid off if there is a non-Professional Teacher Status teacher holding a position, which the PTS teacher is certified to fill. (4-02.b)

- No PTS teacher shall be laid off if there is another PTS teacher with less seniority holding a position, which he/she is qualified to fill. Also referred to as bumping rights. (4-02.c)

- During the layoff period a teacher will be considered to be on a leave of absence without pay. (4-04.c)

Teaching Hours and Programs - Article 5

The Work Day

- The work days for teachers is 7:45-2:30 and for students is 8:00-2:15. Guidance counselors, adjustment counselors, department heads and coordinators work day is 7:30-3:00. The deans workday is 7:00-4:00. (5-01)

- The School Committee reserves the right to change the school day, but will not lengthen the day or year without prior negotiations with the Association. (5-01.1)

The Work Year

- The work year will begin the Monday before Labor Day for teachers. The Tuesday before Labor Day will be the first day of school for students. The Friday before Labor Day will be a school day. Students will be dismissed at 12 noon. The teacher workday will end at 1:00pm. (5-02)

- Teachers will work 186 instructional days, 189 work days. (5-02)

- Department Chairs and Coordinators shall work 204 days. (5-02)

- Guidance Counselors and Adjustment Counselors work 194 days. (5-02) 

Days not in session

Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veterans' Day, noon the day before Thanksgiving and the day following, Christmas week, New Year's Day, Martin Luther King Day, week of February and April vacation, Memorial Day, and summer vacation. (5-03)

Meetings, Conferences and Supervision

- Teachers are required to be at school in addition to the regular workday without additional compensation, not to exceed a total of 19 hours, to attend staff and professional development. (5-04.1) Six of these hours are covered during the first week of school (5-04.1) and an additional 2 are to be used individually for evaluation responsibilities. (9-04)

- Teachers are required to attend four evening parent conferences per year. (5-04.2)

Preparation time

Elementary Teachers - Each teacher shall have one 45 minute preparation period each day. (5.06.1)

Secondary Teachers - Each teacher shall have five preparation periods per week during which they will not be assigned to any other duties. Teachers scheduled for study halls may be reassigned to supervise. (5-06.2/3)

Lunch Duty

Elementary Teachers - Each teacher will supervise lunch with the time used as part of the thirty minute duty free lunch. (5-06.1)

Afternoon sessions

Teachers shall be available for two thirty minute periods after school two days per week or one sixty minute period one day per week.

Class Size - Article 8

The committee agrees to work toward the following goals:

Elementary - K-8 not to exceed 22 pupils per class.

Secondary - 9-12 not to exceed 25 pupils per class

Alternative Education - Not to exceed 20 students per class

Teacher Evaluation - Article 9

- Teachers will be provided with time within the contractual work day to complete evaluation related responsibilities. Two of these hours will come from the required 19 of professional development hours from Article 5.4.

Allowance for Absence - Article 13

Sick days

Teachers who started prior to the 2012-2013 school year are given 15 sick days per year. Teachers hired after the 2012-2013 school year are given 10 sick days per year.

Bereavement Days

Father, Mother, Sibling, Spouse, Child, or Parent-in-Law - four bereavement days are allowed. 

Grandparent, Grandchild - two bereavement days are allowed.

Aunt, Uncle, Niece, Nephew, Brother/Sister-in-Law - one bereavement day is allowed.

sick bank

The sick bank functions for the use of the bargaining unit members who, due to reasons of extraordinary illness, have exhausted their accumulated sick leave.

For more information about the sick bank, contact your union representative.

Temporary or Extended Leave - Article 14

Maternity leave


Personal day 

Teachers are allowed one day off for personal business, exclusive of sick leave, each year. All requests shall first be submitted to the principal for his/her recommendation prior to being forwarded to the superintendent.  (14.06)

Teachers are allowed to accumulate two personal days. Personal days may be used in hourly increments. (14.06)

Personal days shall not be granted during the final two weeks of the school session nor the day before or after a vacation. (14.06)

Professional Development - Article 16

Course Approval

Teachers must present the courses they plan to take  for professional involvement by October 15 for fall/year long courses and January 15 for spring courses. 

The increment for credits earned will be made by the second payroll date in November, retroactive to the first day of school.